Activities & Tasks
The volunteer needs of this community have a simple organization, consisting of Activities and Tasks.

Using the built-in templates, Coordinators can create three different types of Activities -- delivering Meals, providing Rides, or performing Miscellaneous other activities (e.g., housecleaning, babysitting, or visiting) -- that occurs once or repeats over a period of time. For example, there might be an Activity titled 'Weekday Dinners' for delivering meals to a family every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night for the next six weeks.

A Task represents a single, specific instance of an Activity, on a particular date and time. Thus, in the above Activity example, there would be eighteen tasks available (3 meals a week for 6 weeks = 18). Of course, one Activity might contain only a single Task, such as a ride to a special medical appointment, while a different Activity might contain multiple Tasks, as in the above Weekday Dinners example. Volunteers sign up for only one task at a time. (Although they can easily sign up for multiple tasks of a specific Activity using a single sign-up form.)

Signing Up (Volunteering) for a Task

To sign up for a specific Activity task, click on the Calendar section on the Home page. You will see a color-coded Calendar indicating which dates have available tasks, which dates have all needs met, and which dates you have already signed up for. On those dates colored green, indicating available tasks for sign-up, you can view the specific details in the right-hand panel by clicking on the specific date or task.

Click on the 'Sign Up' link if you're interested in committing to this specific task. You'll see the email that will be sent to you and the designated coordinators, confirming that you have signed up for this task. Reminder emails also will be sent to you automatically one month, one week, and one day before the date of this task.

Creating / Editing an Activity (Coordinators only)

Clicking on the link 'Create a new activity' (next to any Calendar) will allow Coordinators to create any number of Activities.

See also: Calendar

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topics, or contact a Coordinator (listed at the left on your Home Page).