Community Sections
In addition to the robust Calendar features for coordinating volunteer activities, your community has a rich set of tools for maintaining communication among community members. Complementing the five pre-set default Community Sections described below (Announcements, Photo Gallery, Resources, community Message Board, and Well Wishes message board), coordinators can create custom Sections for a variety of purposes. Whenever a member signs in to the community, the Section buttons on the Home page displays the number of new items in each Section since the member last viewed that Section.


- This section allows coordinators to post and/or email important messages to the entire community. Examples might include alerts about new volunteer opportunities, changes in already-posted activities, or general community updates. The community Home page defaults to displaying the most recent announcement, but community coordinators can choose to have a static display of a specific announcement on the Home page by going to Site options under the Administration tab.

Photo Gallery - This default community section allows sharing of photographs with the entire community. The default setting allows only coordinators to upload photographs, (other community members must email to a coordinator any photos they wish to have shared with the rest of the community), but coordinators can edit this setting and allow all members to post to the Photo Gallery. Coordinators can also determine on a community-wide basis whether members may post comments to any posted photo. Of course, any number of additional photo albums can be added by the coordinators as new community Sections, with unique names, if it fits the needs of the community.

Resources - This default community section allows coordinators and/or members to share links to other web sites, as well as appropriate documents, relevant to the community. When a community is first created, there may be a set of links and documents already posted, but the coordinators can decide whether to retain or delete these items.

Message Board - This community discussion board allows all members to post anything they want to discuss or share with other community members. Click on 'Create a new post', or reply to someone else's post by leaving a comment.

Well Wishes message board - Many communities are created in response to a medical crisis, a family caregiver's exhaustion in a long-term care situation, or to assist with aging parents. In these situations and others, the Well Wishes message board allows both members and coordinators to easily post their get-well wishes, thoughts, and prayers, or to start threads of conversations among the members of the community. All members may post multiple new items, or post a reply to another member's posting.


There are three basic types of community sections that may be created by the community coordinators, and any number of custom sections may be added. For each section type, coordinators can choose to allow only coordinators to view the section. In addition, for all community-wide sections, coordinators may choose whether to allow non-coordinators to post items to that section and/or to comment on others' postings.

Gallery - This type section is created for posting photos and other images. So, for example, in addition to having the default Photo Gallery, a community might decide to create separate photo albums to highlight specific events or functions.

Resources (Documents & Links) - Custom Resources sections can be created for posting associated informational documents and web links. For instance, if a community is coordinating meals, they might create a Recipe section where members can share recipes (either as documents or as links to specific web sites) - especially useful if there are dietary restrictions. Other examples include a custom community Resource section that displays links to relevant web sites or provides interesting articles about a specific disease that community members are just learning about; or forms and information about an upcoming charity event. Perhaps the adult children of an aging parent just wish to share important medical or legal documents in a Resource section titled Mom's Vital Info, among themselves.

Discussions (Journals, Messages, Blogs, Forums) - Custom Discussions sections can be created to allow a community member, perhaps the recipient or beneficiary of the community, to share an on-going journal or blog of their personal experiences. Or perhaps community members want to engage in a forum discussing the best way to handle a specific caregiving or volunteer situation.

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topics, or contact a Coordinator (listed at the left on your Home Page).