Email Verification
To help prevent abuse of this web site, each member must verify his or her email address before being allowed to sign in and use the site. In addition, whenever a member's email address changes, it must be verified again before that member can use the web site.

The verification process is automatic: when a new email address is entered or changed, a message is sent to the new address with verification instructions. The member clicks a link in that email to verify that the address is correct. Once that's done, the affected member can use the site.

The above is particularly important for Coordinators, because if a Coordinator is unverified, not only can't they sign in, but there can be unintended consequences as many of the community functions rely on verified coordinators receiving various emails sent by the system. Therefore, a Coordinator's email address should be changed only if that person is available to verify the address quickly.

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topics, or contact a Coordinator (listed at the left on your Home Page).