Customizing your Community Site
There are many ways Coordinators may customize the community site to fit the particular needs of your community. Here are some of the most frequently customized features:

'Site options' under Administration tab

Web site name - Change the name of your community.

About this community - Change the default text displayed describing your community under the About tab. A formatting toolbar allows you to customize the display, including inserting photos or images.

Home page image - Each community is initially created with a default image of 'helping hands' on the Home page. Coordinators may choose from one of the many stock images, or select a photo or image that has been uploaded into the Photo Gallery

Home page announcement - The community Home page defaults to displaying the most recent community announcement. Coordinators may instead select a specific Announcement to always display.

Home page highlight - The Home page defaults to displaying a two-month calendar summary underneath the community image and announcement. Coordinators can change this area to display any other community Section such as the Photo Gallery, Well Wishes, or some other customized Section.

Display Activity sign-ups - Any member may view the Calendar and see which community members have already signed up for a specific task. Coordinators may turn off this display of member names whenever tasks are viewed.

Creating new Community Sections

Complementing the five pre-set default Community Sections (Announcements, Photo Gallery, Resources, community Message Board, and Well Wishes message board), coordinators can create any number of additional custom Community Sections for a variety of purposes. For each of the three basic types of sections, coordinators can choose to allow only coordinators to view the section. In addition, for all community-wide sections, coordinators may choose whether to allow non-coordinators to post items to that section and/or to comment on others' postings. To create a new Community Section (or to edit an existing Section), click on Sections, Announcements, and Emails under the Administration tab.

Other Community Preferences

Designating which Coordinators receive Community emails - If there is more than one Coordinator for your community, the system automatically sends emails to all Coordinators whenever:
    - any member signs up for a task,
    - any member's profile is modified,
    - pending members have requested to be added to the community.
Coordinators may change these designations by clicking on Email options under the Administration tab.

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topics, or contact a Coordinator (listed at the left on your Home Page).